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According to NBC 2 news, the Cape may allow some of us blue collars to park our work trucks on our own yard. Lucky us!

Oh thank you Gods of Cape Coral for allowing us the right to park our own vehicles on our own property.

Honestly, it’s crap that we have to do this, but since City Council is going to open discussions in November to change the ordinance (of which resulted in 2,102 busts of hard working Capers this year) and allowing people to park work trucks with lettering in their own driveway, we’ll take your calls and hopefully play them at the meeting.

According to NBC 2, “Cape Coral leaders are expected to re-open a discussion on the ordinance in a few weeks at November’s Committee of the Whole meeting. A formal agenda has not been submitted yet for that meeting.” So lets get this added to the agenda.

Starting today, call between 6 and 10PM Monday thru Friday and let your opinion be heard! Either for or against, I’ll record all of the calls and submit them to city council in November.