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Matt Mangas

Weekdays 10:30am - 2pm

I know a few cool people…Randy Jackson from the band Zebra is one of them. Zebra sold millions of albums in the 80’s and are still out there today playing gigs ( I think I’ve seen them 100 times )…and Randy performs his, and other people’s music in solo shows, symphonic performances, and cool gigs like he’s doing Saturday night when he performs with his old pal Steve Luongo from the legendary Rat Race Choir and the John Entwistle band (yeah…the guy from The Who)…and Larry Hobbs, bass player with Robin Zander of Cheap Trick.

Randy will be on my show Friday for a special live version of “The Hairball”…I’ll have him play a Zebra song, and he always pulls out a surprise or two when he’s on with me! Join us at Noon Friday…and at Galloway Direct Saturday night…There’s a special Soundcheck/VIP show at 4…regular showtime is 7pm…and it’s a benefit for Community Cooperative. Bring a canned food donation and get ready for a night of great music from three amazing musicians!

Hear Randy’s 96K-Rock performance here: