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It may seem that we still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality, however after celebrating women’s right to vote last month, we learn there has been some progress.  In 1971 along with not being able to vote women couldn’t obtain health insurance at the same monetary value as men until 2010! Women often paid more for insurance until sexual discrimination was outlawed in the health insurance industry.  Spousal rape wasn’t criminalized in the United States until 1993 and in 1880 the consent for sex was 10 or 12, except in Delaware where it was 7! 1977 was when workplace sexual harassment was recognized and women couldn’t get into an ivy league school until 1969 when Yale and Princeton accepted females, Harvard didn’t allow admission for women until 1977.  Women also couldn’t get a credit card, not be fired for getting pregnant or serve on a jury until the late 1970s. Which one of these laws is the hardest for you to believe?