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Fans of Jack White and Jack Black have waited for decades for the two to collaborate. 

As previously reported, Tenacious D — aka Jack Black and Kyle Gass — recently visited Jack White’s Third Man Records HQ in Nashville. They shot a video of their tour of the facilities, where they did a photo session with White. After that, they went to White’s home to record a single.

“Me and KG had been working on jam, it’s not quite done, it needs a little work.  But that’s where Jack White’s gonna come in and help us pull it over the finish line! This is a legendary collab!” Black says in the car on the way to White’s abode.

“The D with Jack White, everyone’s been waiting for this!” The excited duo proceed to sing an a cappela version of White’s White Stripes classic, “Seven Nation Army” during the ride. They weren’t permitted to film in White’s house, but after they left, they reported that the song was in the can.

Watch the video below.