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Surprise them with an after-school snack: Most after-school snacks should be on the healthy side, but for the first day, perhaps some ice cream could be in order. For high school kids, maybe their favorite coffee drink.

Los Angeles-based ice cream company Coolhaus has teamed up with a condiment company to make the most disgusting ice cream flavor ever!

Coolhau has teamed up with French’s, America’s largest manufacturer of mustard,  to create mustard ice cream.

The special ice cream will be available for a limited time-only starting in Los Angeles and New York City.

French’s described the ice cream as “delivering its bold, one-of-a-kind flavor that’s the perfect summer treat to be enjoyed poolside, at a birthday party, and as the perfect ending at a backyard barbecue.”

If you can’t make it to Los Angeles or NYC, French’s has published an at-home recipe  for those of you wanting to try to make it on your own!