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For tonight’s Douche of the Day, we stay local to the Sunshine State and travel up to Palm Bay where I’ll introduce you to tonight’s Douche of the Day: Derick McKay.

A Flagler County Police deputy pulled Derick McKay over for speeding last week.

When the deputy started talking to Derick, he noticed that Derick seemed nervous and that there was a smell of marijuana.

Derick claimed he didn’t have anything illegal on his persons, but that turned out to be a lie.

Derick was arrested for driving on a suspended license, and on his way to the big house, he confessed that he was hiding narcotics in his buttocks.

Derick then proceeded to remove more than a dozen small baggies.

The haul in his rear end  included a small baggie of crack, eight small baggies of heroin, two small baggies of Molly, a small baggie of marijuana, 12 Lortab pills, and 12 Oxycodone pills.

McKay is now facing multiple charges and is currently being held without bond.