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For tonight’s Douche of the Day we travel to Zephyrhills, FL where I’ll introduce you to tonight’s Douche of the Day: Jesus Ferrer Jr.

Jesus was arrested on Saturday night after deputies responded to a call of domestic abuse to Jesus’ home.

Deputies  met with the victim, a woman who knows Jesus.

According to the victim, Jesus got angry with her after she brought him the wrong food from McDonald’s.

The victim told deputies their argument turned physical when Jesus started hitting her in the face and head with sweet and sour sauce packets.

The victim reached out in self-defense and grabbed Jesus’ beard.

That’s when Jesus pinned her to the ground, put his palm on her face and pressed her head into the ground.

Jesus let go of the woman when she ripped a chunk of his beard from his face. He then left the scene.

Deputies arrested Jesus for felony battery.