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PARK CITY, KS - FEBRUARY 26: Police tape hangs across the street in front of the house that Dennis Rader lives in February 26, 2005 in Park City, Kansas. Rader is the suspect whom police have arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder in connection with the 10 deaths now tied to the serial killer known as BTK. (Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images)

For tonight’s Douche of the Day we travel to Bluffdale, Utah where I’ll introduce you to 44-year-old Rebbecca Nielson.

Rebbecca thought her husband was cheating on her. So instead of confronting him, she called 911 and told them that her husband killed her.

The incident started about 2 a.m. when a woman called 911 after receiving text messages from a person purporting to be Rebbecca’s husband, stating that “he had shot his wife and didn’t know what to do.”

Police officers responded to the husband’s home, surrounded it, and ordered the residents to come out.

That’s when Rebbecca walked up to officers on scene.

Investigators trying to unravel what was going on learned that Rebbecca and her husband had gotten into an argument several hours earlier because the husband was texting another woman.

Rebbecca smashed her husband’s laptop, took her husband’s phone and left.

After leaving, Rebbecca began sending texts to the woman using her husband’s phone and while claiming to be her husband. That’s when she allegedly told the woman — while acting as her husband — that Rebbecca had been shot.

Police say Nielson and her husband have been married for about 10 months. Rebbecca was arrested for investigation of criminal mischief and making a false police report involving death.