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For tonight’s Douche of the Day we travel to Anderson, IN where I’ll introduce you to tonight’s Douche of the Day: Aaron L. Hendrickson.

Aaron Hendrickson is homeless man who was charged with a Level 5 felony burglary and Levely 6 felony theft after he broke into a home, stole a bunch of stuff, then returned back to the home to inquire about renting the same home.

On May 28th, a homeowner called police. He was missing handguns, tools, televisions, cash and jewelry. The total amount of the stuff stolen: $6,500.

Witnesses told police they saw a gray van leave the home around 6AM that day. Hours later, the owner was at the house when two women and a man in a gray van matching the description given by witnesses pulled into the driveway.

The homeowner says Aaron and his pals inquired about renting the home.

The homeowner realized the van matched the one witnesses saw earlier in the day, so he copied the license plate number and took photos of the van.

On June 4, officers located Aaron’s accomplice, Sarah Black, inside the gray van with the same license plate on the van’s floorboard.

Police officers said they found a number of items reported stolen inside the van, including the victim’s checkbook.

Sarah told officers she accompanied Aaron to the residence after he offered to give her $20 to get a gun safe. She said Aaron returned to the house later that day with two other women because he wanted to obtain more items.

When questioned, Aaron reportedly told police he decided to break into the house after he was told no one was living there and there were “lots of tools and other items” inside.