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For today’s Douche of the Day, we travel to Thailand where I’ll introduce you to tonight’s Douche of the Day: 29-year-old Sak Duanjan.

Sak Duanjan is a video game addict. He came home drunk, and started playing loud games on his smartphone when his parents were trying to sleep.

Sak’s stepfather, Chakri, got out of bed and switched off the Wi-Fi to prevent further sleep disturbance from his 29-year-old jerkoff stepson WHO STILL LIVES AT HOME WITH HIS PARENTS!

This led to a fight, as Sak screamed obscenities at his step-father and started destroying his parents home.

Sak’s stepfather was forced to hit him in an attempt to get him to sober up. It seemed to work,  as Sak calmed down and went to bed.

The next morning, Sak’s mother, Suban, discovered lethal pesticides left floating on the water inside the family’s well, while collecting water for cooking rice in the morning. 

Suban said “I saw my son went downstairs and putting something in ajar around 2am. I asked him what he was doing but he didn’t answer and returned to his room. So, I let it go and went back to bed. I still didn’t believe that he could do this. I know that he gets angry very easily. We tried our best to deal with his anger but this time it has become too much.”

The family decided to call the local authorities.

Sak admitted he had put the poison in the family’s water supply because he was still seething after being prevented from playing his smartphone game.

Sak’s mother said they called authorities because “we wanted government officers to take him for treatment at the hospital because we don’t want to live in fear wondering when he would attack us again. He plays on his phone so much, I think that’s what makes him stressed. It’s hard to stop him as he’s a grown boy now. So we have asked for help.”