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For tonight’s Douche of the Day, we travel to Eau Clair County, WI where I’ll introduce you to tonight’s Douches of the Day: Brothers Isaac and Alex Thompson.

Isaac Thompson is facing charges of: misdemeanor battery; domestic abuse;  pointing a firearm at another; disorderly conduct – domestic abuse; and threat to use a dangerous weapon.

Alex Thompson, Issac’s brother, is facing charges of pointing a firearm at another; domestic abuse; disorderly conduct – domestic abuse; and a threat to use a dangerous weapon.

And the two received the charges, while fighting each other.

Police were called to a home after Alex said he was in a fight with his brother and a gun was involved.

Alex told police he and his brother were planning to grill hot dogs. When they started to cook, Isaac was still playing video games and Alex got upset. Alex said he told Isaac to leave, but he didn’t so he punched him.

A witness told police he heard the brothers arguing and heard a loud smack. As he entered the bedroom he saw Alex stumbling backward after being hit. The witness said Alex went and got a loaded shotgun, returned to the bedroom, said the safety was off and pointed the gun at Isaac’s chest.

That’s when Isaac got a gun and pointed it at Alex and said he would shoot him.

As the two struggled over the gun, Issac hit Alex and pointed the gun at his face as he ejected the rounds on the floor.

If convicted on all of the charges, Isaac Thompson faces 2 years and 3 months in prison while Alex faces 1 1/2 years in prison.