The Willis Tower SkyDeck ledge cracks under visitors' feet!

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

There was a huge scare at the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago on Monday.

The Skydeck's protective top layer shattered into a thousand pieces underneath the feet of visitors!  There was a woman with two children around when the glass shattered but no one was hurt or ever in any danger.

The protective layer did exactly what it was supposed to do, this is also the second time this layer has cracked, the same thing happened back in 2014.


Protective Layer Of Willis Tower Skydeck Ledge Cracks Under Visitors' Feet

CHICAGO (CBS)- There was another sky-high scare at the Willis Tower, when the Skydeck cracked under visitors' feet. A video was shot on the 103rd floor Monday night, after the ledge's protective top layer splintered into thousands of pieces. The protective layer covers the glass bottom below.