(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Russia Just Held the First "Booty Slapping Championships" . . . Which Involves Women Spanking Each Other as Hard as Possible

The newest competition in Russia is . . . the BOOTY SLAPPING CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

It involves female competitors SPANKING each other as hard as possible, and the goal is to make the person you're spanking take a step forward.

Danny Armstrong on Twitter

This is the Russian 'Ass-slapping Championships', the female version of the 'Male Slapping Championships', in which women hit each other on the backside until one one falls over ???????????????? https://t.co/v3LGD8OTYP

Many of the participants in the contest are female fitness models, including the winner.  The contest was part of a two day extravaganza that featured pole dancing and something called 'mass wrestling.'

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