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For tonight’s Douche of the Day, we travel to Fort Pierce, FL where I introduce to you today’s Douche of the Day: 53-year-old Terry Leon Simmons.

Terry was arrested this week after selling crack cocaine to an undercover police officer. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that Terry was wearing a t-shirt with the word “COKE” written on it, while committing the crime.

Authorities say that Terry sold crack cocaine to an undercover officer at a convenience store just blocks from his apartment. The agent pulled up to the store to meet Terry, who was wearing a two-toned blue shirt with red lettering on the front that said “COKE.”

The agent asked Terry for $40 of “Hard”, a term that is used by drug users and dealers in reference to crack cocaine.

Terry then went to the passenger side of the agent’s vehicle and pulled out an orange pill bottle, which he emptied into his own hand.

He was observed picking out crack cocaine rocks and handed four of the rocks to the agent in exchange for $40.

The rocks tested positive for cocaine and a short time later Simmons was arrested without incident and transported to St Lucie County Jail.

Police raided Terry’s apartment and found a marijuana joint and bag of MDMA in plain view.

Terry was charged with felony cocaine sales and delivery of cocaine. He is being held in lieu of $55,000 bond.