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BRESCIA, ITALY - APRIL 4: Andrea Maria Neira, a 29-year-old Spanish client of Perazzi, shoots with a shotgun at the shooting range on April 4, 2019 at the Perazzi Armi factory in Botticino Mattina a village in the outskirt of the city of Brescia, Italy. The gunmaker, founded in 1957, is known for its up-market hunting and sporting shotguns. Perazzi, whose shotguns can cost from 10,000 up to 97,000 Euros, has 70 employees and produces 1,500 rifles a year at about 20 million euros. The rifles are made entirely by hand by order of the customer. Italy has loosened its restrictions on gun ownership in recent months, doubling the number of "sport" weapons a licensed citizen can own. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

You’d would’ve jumped too!

A man lept from a second-floor apartment after a gun-slinging woman tried to shoot him because he refused to give her oral sex.

Anneisha Speed, 19, was at the victim’s apartment when things went south, because he wouldn’t. And I don’t blame him. Take a gander at this beast.

According to police, the man invited Speed to his apartment after the two spent much of the day together. Once inside the apartment, Speed asked the victim to perform oral sex on her. The victim declined, and Speed responded by whipping out a .40 handgun. Speed aimed the gun at the man and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t go diving for some muff.

When the man grabbed Speed’s wrist, she fired a round into the wall. He then ran out onto the second-floor balcony and jumped to the ground as another shot was fired in his direction.

Officers found Speed outside the apartment a short while later, arresting Anneisha on charges of attempted second-degree murder, illegal discharge of a firearm, theft of a firearm, resisting an officer and tampering with evidence.