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After the tragic hit-and-run death of Layla Aiken, 96K-Rock night show host, Robb Garguilo, hit the airwaves Wednesday night (3/28) to talk about the tragic story of Layla from Cape Coral. 

Layla was struck Monday morning while sitting on the side of the road near Northeast 19th Terrace and Northeast 3rd Avenue, waiting for her bus. She was rushed to the hospital, but she did not survive.

Aiken’s twin brothers were also hit while waiting for the bus. One of her brothers ran for help and the other tried to give Aiken CPR.

Police have identified the truck that hit and killed the 8 year old.

As a father himself, Robb then went on to explain how that story hit close to home when his children were also hit while crossing the road and now his life is different.

Take a listen: