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Dave & Chuck the Freak

If you’ve got $750k burning a hole in your bank account and are looking for a place to lay your head in the Philly area and are into a sex dungeon – listen up. Nestled in the suburb of Maple Glen is a fully furnished 5,000+ square-foot colonial about 15 minutes from Philadelphia. And there’s a fully equipped sex dungeon, to boot.

Here is the listing (the sex dungeon pics have been removed) but you can still see some of the stuff in the video below.


WATCH: Take a tour of the Montgomery County home for sale with a 'sexual oasis'

I'm sure you've heard about the palatial estate in suburban Philadelphia that - listed for sale at $750,000 - features what some are calling a "sex dungeon," but the realtor in charge of selling it termed a "private sexual oasis."