Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Woman Shot After Performing Sex Act for $5 and Some Pringles #SunshineState

A Florida woman who agreed to perform a sex act in exchange for $5 and some Pringles ended up with a bullet wound instead.

The incident occurred late Monday evening outside a gas station in Jacksonville. Police, responding to a report that someone had been shot, found the unidentified woman on the ground with a bullet wound to he shoulder. She told them a man had offered to pay her the money and give her some potato chips if she performed a "sex act" on him. After he handed her a five dollar bill, she fulfilled her part of the bargain.

But that's when the deal went south. The woman told police after she finished, the man took back the $5, pulled out a gun and shot her. There's no word on whether she got the Pringles.