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Mariano Rivera Hasn’t Liked Metallica This Whole Time

New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera has been tied to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” for years because it was his entrance music from the bullpen.  It turns out, however, that the unanimously-elected member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame doesn’t care for Metallica’s music at all.

In speaking with the MLB Network, Rivera was asked how many times he’s seen Metallica live, and he responded, “With all due respect to the guys, I’ve never been to one of them. As a Christian, with all due respect to Metallica, I don’t listen to that kind of music.”

This is especially surprising considering Metallica even performed at Mariano Rivera Day back in 2013.

Metallica performed Enter Sandman at Yankee Stadium Mariano Riveras Day

Metallica en concierto. Exclusivo de Cinépolis.

Perhaps, he should’ve ran to the mound to “Jesus is Just Alright,” but then again, it’s difficult to get amped to the Doobie Brothers, even if you try really hard.  Nevermind, when in doubt, always reach for some Metallica.


Erica Banas is rock/classic rock news blogger that loves the smell of old vinyl in the morning.