(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

A Girl Spent 2018 Scaring Her Mom with Firecracker Poppers

A girl in California spent 2018 repeatedly scaring the crap out of her mom by throwing firecracker poppers in her direction.  They're also known as Bang Snaps. 

It usually happens in or around the house, it's always a surprise, and her mom jumps or yelps every time.

The girl edited the clips together and the video is a little over two minutes long.  You also see the rest of the family get into the act by laughing, and in a couple of cases, they're throwing poppers too.


This daughter spent 2018 scaring her mother with poppers and recording her hilarious reactions

A little prank never killed nobody - and can be pretty hilarious too. The compilation video shows clip after clip, filmed in their California home, of Kat throwing poppers near her jittery mother when she least expects it. She jumps and yelps every time.