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Actor/Director Penny Marshall Dead at 75

Penny Marshall, best known for starring in Laverne & Shirley and directing films, including Big and A League of Their Own, has died.  She was 75.

Marshall passed away in her Hollywood Hills home from complications from diabetes, according to family spokeswoman Michelle Bega in a statement to The Los Angeles Times.

Marshall starred in Laverne & Shirley for eight seasons from 1976-1983.  A spin-off from Happy Days, which was created by late brother Garry Marshall, the series was the number one rated show in the United States in 1977 and 1978.  

Laverne & Shirley Show Opening

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8! You know the rest!


Marshall was also accomplished behind the camera with many producing and directing credits to her name, with the most notable coming from her directing hits including 1988's Big, 1990's Awakenings and 1992's A League of Their Own.  With Big, Marshall became the first woman director to direct a film to gross over $100 million at the box office.

As expected, many took to social media to pay their respects to Marshall and her entertainment legacy.

Ava DuVernay on Twitter

Thank you, Penny Marshall. For the trails you blazed. The laughs you gave. The hearts you warmed.

Al Jean on Twitter

@TheSimpsons Penny Marshall our first guest star and a great talent. You will be missed!

David Silverman on Twitter

So long to Penny Marshall, our first guest star. The Babysitter Bandit in Some Enchanted Evening (7G01). Great comedic actor and director. RIP

Tribeca on Twitter

If you're not having a good time, find something else that gives you some joy in life." RIP Penny Marshall, an actor, writer, and moviemaker who achieved a great deal and brought us immeasurable joy within the span of her life.

Baseball Hall ⚾ on Twitter

The #HOF remembers actor/director Penny Marshall, who brought the @AAGPBL heroes to life through "A League of Their Own". Marshall, who visited the Hall of Fame in 2002, passed away on Monday. Photo: Milo Stewart Jr.

Comedy Central on Twitter

As a comedian, actor and director, Penny Marshall was truly in a league of her own. She'll be missed.

Louis Virtel on Twitter

RIP Penny Marshall: "Legendary sitcom actress who directed Tom Hanks to his best comic performance, Robin Williams to his most interesting performance, and the definitive movie about women in sports" is an unbelievable legacy.

IndieWire on Twitter

As a director, Penny Marshall broke barriers in Hollywood with 1988's "Big," which made Marshall the first female director to earn over $100 million at the box office. Marshall did the same in 1992 with "A League of Their Own." #RIP



Mayim Bialik on Twitter

I grew up wanting to be as funny as Penny Marshall, and had the pleasure of meeting her a few times. Watch some old Laverne and Shirley to see why her brother Garry insisted on casting her. Comedy gold, she was. ♥️


Athlon Sports on Twitter

R.I.P. Penny Marshall, who directed one of the greatest sports films (with the amazing line that will live on forever).

Dan Rather on Twitter

Mourning the loss of a funny, poignant, and original American voice. Penny Marshall was a pioneer in television and the big screen who understood humor comes in many forms and some of life's deeper truths require a laugh. She will be missed. May she RIP.

James Woods on Twitter

I am absolutely devastated. #PennyMarshall was one of my dearest friends. I loved her. Funny, warm, a true individual and remarkable talent. #RidingInCarsWithBoys

Jarett Wieselman on Twitter

I've always been tickled by the fact that Rosie O'Donnell said she ended up with such a large (and wonderful) role in "A League of Their Own" because she was the only actor on set who could understand Penny Marshall's Bronx accent. RIP to an absolute legend.

ROSIE on Twitter

1996 Kmart TV Commercial with Penny Marshall and Rosie O'Donnell via @YouTube - simply heartbroken #ripPENNY


THR Archives on Twitter

1988: "Keeping it spry and winningly light, director Penny Marshall doesn't hammer any themes or satire into the film; she, quite shrewdly, keeps 'Big' likeably small."

Leonard Maltin on Twitter

A generation before the current crop of female directors Penny Marshall made such memorable films as 'Big', 'A League of Their Own' and 'Awakenings'. Let her not be forgotten. #PennyMarshall #RestInPeace

Don Most on Twitter

So sad to hear about the passing of Penny Marshall. But there will be a lot more laughs up in heaven. RIP Penny.

shauna on Twitter

Penny Marshall was a pioneer - both as a physical comedic actor and as an iconic director. She had a profound impact on how I thought about women in comedy. Raising a glass of milk & Pepsi in her honor. RIP.

Russell Crowe on Twitter

Yesterday I held a Golden Gloves award from the 1930's, given to me by Penny Marshall. Hadn't seen it in years. Then today's news... Penny told me the story of Jim Braddock, which became the movie Cinderella Man. She was kind, she was crazy,so talented and she loved movies. RIP

Barbara Eden on Twitter

I just heard of Penny Marshall's passing. I was such and admirer of hers, such talent she had. My deepest condolences to her family, friends and fans. She and her wonderful brother are reunited. -Barbara

Billy Crystal on Twitter

Sad to hear of Penny Marshall's passing. a great comedienne a terrific director and a dear friend.

Sports Illustrated on Twitter

One of the greatest scenes in sports cinema R.I.P. Penny Marshall


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