(Photo Illustration by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

What Item at a Restaurant Has More Germs Than the Toilet??

Here's something to remember next time you go out to eat:  You'd be better off drinking water from the restaurant's TOILET than putting some seasoning on your food.

According to a microbiologist, the FILTHIEST thing in a restaurant is . . . the pepper shaker on your table.  It's covered in even more germs than the bathrooms.  And that's because the staff actually CLEANS the bathrooms . . . they don't clean off the pepper shakers.

So why is the pepper worse than anything else on the table, like the salt?  The microbiologist says it's because pepper is plant based so, quote, "E. coli loves to grow there."


Scientist Claims That Pepper Shakers Are Germiest Items In Restaurants

This phenomenon was first brought to the public eye in 2010 when an ABC News crew did a segment on a group of researchers from the University of Arizona. They went to 12 restaurants in three states and swabbed all the items on the tables and then analyzed the samples in the lab.