Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Florida Woman Says Holocaust-Themed Yard Display Is Meant To Spite HOA

The Home Owners Association can be the bane of many, but is putting out a tasteless Halloween yard display really the way to get back at them?

For one Florida woman, that answer is yes.  Susan Lamerton, who is Jewish, says her HOA harrassed her over a Star of David that she had on the property, despite claiming such a display is within the rules.  The New Port Richey woman decided to fight back, turning her entire front yard into a scene out of a concentration camp, complete with skeletons wearing concentration camp ID numbers on their arms and a Star of David on their chests.  Her neighbors aren't happy as you can imagine, especially in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, but Lamerton will continue to keep her protest going, citing her First Amendment free speech rights.