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An Ohio man was not happy after he went into a Burger King location near him for a couple of delicious Whoppers.

He went to the location with two BOGO coupons for Whoppers.  The BK location wasn’t able to honor the coupons because they were from Texas and not valid in Ohio and that upset the man.

It upset him so much that he called 911 to report this crime.  The restaurant would not give him the coupons back and you can hear him tell an employee that “he was not leaving until he gets the coupons back” in his 911 call.


Customer calls 911 to report Lakewood Burger King wouldn't honor free Whopper coupon

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If he had it "his way," he would've been eating two burgers for the price of one. But on Thursday afternoon, 911 dispatchers reported a customer dialed the emergency number to complain that a Burger King in Lakewood refused to honor his buy one Whopper, get one Whopper free coupons.