(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War)

Watch Marvel Characters Fight to the Groovy Disco-Pop Stylings of ABBA

This works so much better than it has any right to:  People have been taking fight scenes from Marvel movies and setting them to ABBA music.

Imagine the thrilling final battle from "Thor: Ragnarok" set to "Dancing Queen" . . . or Captain America battling the Winter Soldier to "Lay All Your Love on Me".  Or don't imagine it . . . because you can actually EXPERIENCE it.

emma lord on Twitter

a tumblr user set the fight scene in winter soldier to abba and there is truly no dignified way to tell you all i almost wet my pants laughing https://t.co/vC8QVO3Pl7

jazmin ???? on Twitter

Thor: Rangarok but instead of Immigrant Song it's Dancing Queen by Abba https://t.co/VB69PNl2il

Probably the best Marvel / ABBA mashup actually predates the recent trend.  Back in January, someone made a music video for "Captain America: Civil War", set to "The Winner Takes It All", and it's pretty amazing.

Captain America: Civil War - The Winner Takes It All (Music Video)

Turns out, ABBA and Marvel go together very well. Song: "The Winner Takes It All" by ABBA. All footage in this video is owned by Marvel Studios.