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Dave & Chuck the Freak

You can see almost anything during a subway ride in New York City. That was proven to, once again, be true when a guy was captured on video helping himself to an unusual snack: a block of butter. We get to watch him unwrapping it, and taking a hearty bite of it.


I love me some butter but hott damn I don't love it as much as this guy does ????. Enjoy it sir ????

Paula Deen would be proud!


Subway rider shocks commuters as he opens up block of butter to eat

This is the unusual moment a man is seen on the subway eating a stick of butter Another passenger on the subway in New York recorded the incident on his cell The video that surfaced on Facebook Sunday attracted thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments This is the unusual moment a commuter in New York City is spotted on the subway taking a giant chomp out of a block of butter.