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March 3, 1986: Metallica Release 'Master of Puppets'

Metallica's Master Of Puppets may turn 32 years old today (March 3), but unlike some albums released in and around 1986, this one is nowhere near-dated or shows any signs of age whatsoever.  In the three decades that have since passed, it still sounds as aggressive as it did upon release.

It set a new standard for the band...

It set a new standard for metal...

And it reminds us just how much Cliff Burton is missed.

In honor of the anniversary of this iconic album, we look back at some live footage of the band in support of Master Of Puppets.  Enjoy!

Metallica 1986 - YouTube

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Metallica Full Show @ New York City 1986 (w/ Cliff Burton)

Copyright © All Rights Reserved : Metallica Full Show @ New York City 1986 (w/ Cliff Burton) Setlist: Battery 01:13 Master Of Puppets 04:50 For Whom The Bell Tolls 13:25 Ride The Lightning 15:30 Welcome hOme Sanitarium 24:10 Seek And Destroy 31:00 Creeping Death 37:00 Am I Evil?

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