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If you often find yourself lying in bed unable to fall asleep, this post is for you!

Picture this: You decide to go to bed early due to a big meeting the following day, and you want to be well rested — but you can’t seem to fall asleep.

The last thing you think you should do is get out of bed, right?


A video posted by Business Insider reveals scientific ways that will help you fall asleep.

First and foremost, when sleep eludes you don’t STAY IN BED! Get up!

The anxiety you feel when you are unable to escape to dream-land can lead to negative thoughts about your sleeping area.

So get up, go sit on the couch and do something quiet. Whatever you do, do not kill time by scrolling through your smartphone, as this can overstimulate your brain and prevent you from being able to decompress.

You can also try meditating or listening to yourself breathe. Having a consistent routine each night before bedtime will also help you fall asleep.

To watch the video, please click here.

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