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Manson vs. Bieber & 4 Other Recent Rock Insults/Feuds

Chad Kroeger vs. Corey Taylor/Stone Sour

This one’s VERY recent, and frankly, kinda hilarious.

Kroeger called Stone Sour “Nickelback Lite” in an interview, and while Taylor responded multiple times to the comments in the media, our favorite response came when he spoke to WMMR’s Jaxon:

“You know what, though, that just tells you the level of ego you’re dealing with. And I’ve said this since day one — it’s not the band. Because the band turned around… As soon as that story hit, the band called and apologized.  They were, like, ‘It’s not us. We promise. It’s this guy. We don’t…’ And I had hung out with the band before and they’re super-cool dudes. So I was, like… Well, I figured it wasn’t them. So I don’t want people holding it against the band, because it’s not them. It’s Captain Ego from Planet Douche…I said something, maybe like, 15 years ago, but I was drinking then.  Nobody listened to me then!  And I haven’t said anything since.  I don’t even think about him.  I don’t think about you anymore [laughs.]”