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LISTEN: “Lost” EVH Instrument Track

Some lost music from Eddie Van Halen, dating back more than three decades, has surfaced.  

The Van Halen News Desk has unearthed more instrumental music Van Halen wrote and recording for “The Wild Life,” a 1984 comedy starring Chris Penn, Eric Soltz and Ilan-Mitchell Smith.

The News Desk has released music from the film previously; The latest piece is titled “Strike,” and the VNDD clip is longer the snippet heard during a bowling alley scene in the movie. The VNDD writes that “Strike” maybe the first time Van Halen recorded using a Steinberger headlines guitar.

Only one of Van Halen’s songs, “Donut City,” was featured on “The Wild Life’s” original soundtrack, but Van Halen contributed a number of other pieces to the film, including “Love Song,” “Driving Song,” “All Fired Up,” Pepping Tom” and “Top Down” as well as “Strike.”

Van Halen is currently on hiatus, though former frontman Sammy Hagar has proposed the idea of a tour with the original band lineup and both he and David Lee Roth singing.

Eddie Van Halen "Strike" Unreleased track from 'The Wild Life' movie

This never-before-heard-in-full piece of background music is part of the musical score from the movie The Wild Life, released in 1984. Eddie wrote and performed the entire musical score for the movie.


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