Photo by Erik Aratari

WATCH: A7X Perform At Helsinki Hard Rock Café, Get Cut Off

You would be hard pressed to find anyone to pull the plug on Avenged Sevenfold, but the Hard Rock Café in Helsinki did so recently.

The band posted a teaser video to their Facebook page about their Hard Rock shenanigans stating, “After arriving in Helsinki yesterday we decided to head to the local Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki and grace the customers with some sweet tunes. Unfortunately, as the patrons fled for the exits we were cut off after only half of Nightmare was played.”

The Facebook video was just a preview of the entire performance that was available at A7X’s fanclub site, but some intrepid fan posted the full video to YouTube anyway, and it’s pretty funny.  The only bummer is the fact that guitarist Zacky Vengeance had to sit out the slightly tipsy performance, because we assume there weren’t any left-handed guitars available on the Hard Rock’s stage.

Avenged Sevenfold Performing While They´re DRUNK! (Must WATCH)

Avenged Sevenfold takes some rest at Hard Rock Café in Helsinki on their The Stage Tour (06-03-2017). They got the brilliant idea of performing Nightmare on the bar's instruments after some alcohol consumptions. This is hilarious! Except for Mat's performance, they kinda sounds like an average cover band for a7x.



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