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Mail Online

1 week ago

Video of Paris attacks shows victims diving for cover from ISIS jihadist.

The exclusive images show the merciless savagery of an Islamic State assassin and the extraordinary bravery and survival instincts of his intended victims.

The Sydney Morning Herald

2 weeks ago

Paris attacks: father and son’s talk about ‘bad guys’ shared around the world

Father reassures son after Paris attacksA father lovingly explains the power of flowers over guns to his son at the scene of the Bataclan attacks in Paris.


2 weeks ago

kids use walkman for the first time.

We found an old walkman and tapes from the 80s. My kids had no idea what to do with it!


2 weeks ago

Moschino Barbie! .

Moschino and Barbie are thrilled to announce their partnership on the highly anticipated collector Moschino Barbie doll.


2 weeks ago

Man Points a GoPro the Wrong Way During an Entire Vacation in Las Vegas.

When Evan Griffin’s dad visited Las Vegas recently, he borrowed his son’s GoPro camera to capture memories of the things he saw there. “I did not, however,


2 weeks ago

WATCH: Georgia LB coach’s helmet slap celebration hurts Bulldog player.

Georgia linebacker coach Mike Ekeler got a little carried away celebrating a Bulldogs stop, and Georgia player Rico McGraw paid the price.

US News & World Report

2 weeks ago

Optical Illusion On BBC Makes Your Brain See Color Where There Is None.

A new BBC Four series called Colour: The Spectrum of Science featured a mind-boggling optical illusion. The show explores our perception of color and how our brains process it.


2 weeks ago

Report: At least 26 dead in Paris shooting, explosions.

PARIS (AP) – Police officials in France on Friday reported a shootout in a Paris restaurant and an explosion in a bar near a Paris stadium. It was unclear if the events were linked. At least 26 dead were reported dead, a number that continues to rise. There are also at least 60 people being […]

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