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23 hours ago

Hug Lady.

Elizabeth Laird, known as “The Hug Lady,” by the soldiers at Ft. Hood, attends every single deployment and homecoming at the army base with one purpose.


23 hours ago

Guy freaks out after not being thanked for opening a door.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/NMVjMRi7Vxo” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


24 hours ago

14-year-old girl arrested in armed robbery at N. Fort Myers 7-Eleven

On October 30th, 2014, at approximately 12:33 A.M., Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a robbery at 7-11, located at 916 Pondella Road in North Fort Myers. Witnesses state that a white female entered the store, brandished a firearm, and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect was described as a […]


1 day ago

Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation |

Think you have crappy friends? Check out this ultimate bad friends compilation and compare. Subscribe to the channel and let us know your thoughts in the com…

New York Post

2 days ago

Janitor on school roof touches himself while peeping on neighbors.

For one Manhattan elementary school, “the 3 Rs” of education apparently stand for reading, ‘riting – and rubbing.A janitor at PS 116 in Murray Hill has found his own private peep show on the school’s roof, where he stares for hours at women undressing in a nearby luxury building while pleasuring himself to the view, according […]


2 days ago

Unmanned NASA-contracted rocket explodes.

An unmanned NASA-contracted rocket exploded in mid-air Tuesday, producing huge flames and booms along the eastern Virginia coast but no injuries or deaths.


2 days ago

Halloween Prank (Rémi Gaillard) – YouTube

Halloween prank. A guy in France Named Remi Gaillard filmed his Halloween prank where he and his friends dressed as horror movie characters and went up to random people. What would you do? These people chose to run!!

Mail Online

3 days ago

American Airlines plane cabin walls crack loose on flight from San Francisco to Dallas

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing when its cabin walls began to break apart as terrified passengers looked on.Flyer James Wilson said travellers on Monday’s flight from San Francisco to Dallas knew something was wrong when they felt the fuselage begin to shake violently and heard popping noises outside the […]

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