The Stan and Haney Show Podcast - 2-5-18 ( I Want My 6 Hotdogs)

We listen to Dolly and how she handles reporters try to back her into a corner, We talk about the Oscars, We find the classic Billboard Awards clip, D-Train's Orders lunch for 4 people but gets dinner instead, We take a trip in The Wayback Machine", Haney's "News" plus much more.
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There's a KFC Gravy Shortage!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately this isn't happening here.  Unless you're reading this in England.  Then it is.  There's a KFC gravy shortage in England. Let's make this clear, The KFC gravy is the best part. There's really no point in going there without the gravy. It's not like you can go to Boston market and pick up gravy…