Southwest Florida's Rock Station


The Huffington Post

2 months ago

The Saturn Wine Glass Doesn’t Spill, Saving Carpets And Tablecloths Everywhere

Say it with us now: Hallelujah. …


2 months ago

Orlando Bloom Wants To Make A Porno Version Of “The Hobbit”

CONAN Highlight: Orlando talked it over with Evangeline Lilly & Lee Pace, and they want a sequel where the elves have lots of sex.

MTV News

2 months ago

23 Sceney Songs That Were Your Myspace Background Music

Your taste in music was soooo original back then.


2 months ago

Every day these super cute guinea pigs commute on this tiny wooden boardwalk. Every day.

Commuting has never looked as insanely cute as it does at the Nagasaki Bio Park in Kyushu, Japan. Each day these cuddly little guinea pigs move from one play enclosure to the next via a custom-made elevated roadway. Don’t let the rushing fool you, these guinea pigs love their new travel system because communing can be so stressful. Right? […]

The Huffington Post

2 months ago

15 Kids Who Nailed Their Letters To Santa

Some say letter-writing is a lost art. Santa is not one of those people. The Kid Who Says What’s On Her Mind, Literally, At That Second Catherine Naja 3 The Kid Who Needs A Nicer Brother Emily Waldburger-Koszarek 4 The Kid Who Has Read One Too Many Sci-Fi Books Mindy Swinemar 5 The Kid Who […]

The Huffington Post

2 months ago

7 Reasons Why ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ Should Be Required Reading in School

Students would be more actively engaged and wouldn’t dread coming home to do boring “homework.” Instead, they would embark on innumerable journeys at night and come to appreciate the art of storytelling….


2 months ago

Martin Freeman takes Middle Earth to ‘The Office’ in hilarious ‘SNL’ sketch

This ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch perfectly combines Martin Freeman’s roles on the British version of ‘The Office’ and ‘The Hobbit’ movies.


3 months ago

33 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Choices In 2014

Trust me, no matter what you messed up this year, it could be worse. 2. The most nolegeble person on the planet: Via slightlywarped.com 3. This person who made a very penful decision: Via bestnewtattoos.com 4. Ol’ crazy back eyes: Via justsomething.co 5. This person just lifeing their life: Via photos.ellen.warnerbros.com 6. The south’s pride […]

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