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4 weeks ago

Prank Gets Apple Users To Microwave Their iPhones

People of the internet, please take note: Microwaving your brand new iPhone 6 will not charge the device’s battery in one minute and thirty seconds. Or ever. As evidenced by photos shared from Twitter accounts of those who’ve actually tried this “feature,” iPhones and microwaves do not mix. Simply put, if you nuke your iPhone […]


4 weeks ago

What Not To Do 9/24/14

DC and Gabbi demonstrate some Florida fashion that should never be done. If you have some What Not To Do advice, please email Gabbi at Gabbi@96krock.com  


4 weeks ago

27 Snapchats From Your Cat

Or should we say Snapcats?


4 weeks ago

Volbeat Outshines Five Finger Death Punch At The War Memorial Tuesday

Metal band Five Finger Death Punch performs at the War Memorial in Syracuse on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014  


4 weeks ago

11 Kids Shows That Made Shockingly Adult Jokes

Most people probably avoid watching kids shows, thinking that the humor may be beneath them. These shows, however, have some jokes that only adults will understand. You’ll be shocked at how filthy some of these children’s shows can get!


4 weeks ago

For The Return Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Here Is A Human Flesh Burger

Would you eat a burger said to be modeled after the way human flesh supposedly tastes?

A+ (aplus.com)

4 weeks ago

Halloween Costumes Expectations Vs. Real Life

At least you tried!


4 weeks ago

15 Gamers Who Absolutely Have Their Priorities In Order

When gaming is your life, sometimes your priorities may look a little different from the norm…

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