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3 weeks ago

‘Muffin Top’ Billboard Gets A Graffiti Makeover

A billboard advertising a plastic surgeon’s services got its own facelift after it was vandalized by someone hitting back at its message….


3 weeks ago

Guess The Terrible Side Boob

Click Read More to find out… I think you’ll be shocked.


3 weeks ago

Goliath Grouper Attacks Diver For Speared Fish

A Florida diver was trying to remove a just speared amberjack from his spear when a goliath grouper decided to come up and help himself to a free meal. 


3 weeks ago

Cute Cross-Eyed Animals

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Laughing Squid

3 weeks ago

Three-Banded Armadillo Rolls Around on the Floor with His Favorite Pink Toy

A southern three-banded armadillo named Rollie rolls around on the floor with his favorite pink toy in this adorable video.


3 weeks ago

Stephen Colbert Shreds Kim Kardashian’s Video Game

Stephen Colbert did a segment on Kim Kardashian’s stupid video game, and introduced one of his own. Definitely worth a watch.

Total Sorority Move

3 weeks ago

17 Easy Steps To Get You From Day Drunk To Your Night Out

Step 1: Dress appropriately. Throw on something you won’t mind having to toss in the laundry or just toss all together if/when it ends up soaked in sangria. Step 2: Eat something. Today is not the day to be all like, “Oh, I’ll just have an iced black coffee and half a grape for breakfast.” […]

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