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2 weeks ago

Ballsack Backpack

Would you wear this thing after seeing it?

The Huffington Post

3 weeks ago

‘Apparently Kid’ Goes On Ellen, Apparently Has New Favorite Word

Apparently things are going very well for “Apparently Kid” Noah Ritter, because he just landed a spot on “The Ellen Show,” above. The five-year-old first won our hearts when he used the word “apparently” approximate…


3 weeks ago

Scientists Identify First Swimming Dinosaur

A rich horde of fossils from the Sahara has revealed that the largest known predator to ever walk the earth was also a superb swimmer, overturning the common view that dinosaurs were terrestrial beasts.


3 weeks ago

Watch Grown Men Hold Kittens for the First Time

Bringing together grown men and kittens-cuteness overload ensues.

The Huffington Post

3 weeks ago

Rare Pygmy Hippo Named Olivia Born In Swedish Zoo

Sweden’s Parken Zoo has officially welcomed a new addition to its hippopotamus family. Olivia, a rare pygmy hippo, was born at just 13 pounds this past August as part of an international breeding program. The cute baby hippo has been befittingly …


3 weeks ago

What Not To Do 9/11/14

Gabbi teaches women what NOT to use your top pieces for. If you’d like to share something you think people should not do, please email us at Gabbi@96krock.com


3 weeks ago

A Migration Of Epic Proportion Gives This A Great Photo

Twice a year golden rays migrate in the gulf of Mexico. Traveling in it is truly wondrous. Seriously, take a dip and see for yourself.


3 weeks ago

20 Halloween Costumes That Will Destroy Your Childhood

Because we really don’t need to see a “sexy” Beetlejuice. Also, BRB, weeping in the corner for my childhood.   1. The Force is weak for this creepy Yoda costume: Via yandy.com 2. If you ever had a thing for Cabbage Patch Dolls: Via yandy.com 3. If you’ve got a fetish for a certain mouse, then this costume is for […]

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