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3 weeks ago

The 22 Coldest Things That Have Ever Happened

And I mean “cold” in the best possible way.

Rolling Stone

3 weeks ago

10 Things You Need To Know for ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5

It’s been six months since we last saw our heroic walker-fighting friends, and in that time, we’ve been besieged with the sort of news stories that will likely make the first five minutes of the season premiere even more cringe-worthy than the creators originally thought. Before you dive into Season Five when it premieres on […]


3 weeks ago

New on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in October

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and iTunes are adding titles to their streaming options in October.

The Huffington Post

3 weeks ago

Man Collects $21,000 In Change, Donates Every Penny To Help Cats

Never underestimate the true value of a handful of pocket change. Rick Snyder, a 69-year-old resident of Manatee County, Florida, refused to sit still after he retired. Instead, he tended to one of his passions outside of work: caring for the fera…


3 weeks ago

Is Amanda Bynes Mentally Ill? Her Disturbing Week in New York

The last 24 hours of Amanda Bynes’ life, if the tabloids are to be believed, have been… troubling. Yesterday, In Touch reported that she believes there is a microchip in her head (Bynes denies having said this). Elsewhere things have not been any less bizarre.

Elite Daily

3 weeks ago

Real People Try Cosmo’s Weird Sex Positions In The Middle Of NYC

If you’ve ever read Cosmopolitan, you know what kind of weird sh*t they suggest. The suggestions usually leave you pondering: HOW?!

Happy Place

4 weeks ago

This Guy Takes His Cats For Their First And Last Walk

For sale: 2 cat leashes. Used once.Humans have been attempting to walk cats for years with a success rate hovering right around zero percent.

Disney Blogs

4 weeks ago

The Nightmare Before Christmas to Come Back to Theatres For Halloween

What’s this? Our favorite Halloween film on the big screen again? The Nightmare Before Christmas is coming back to theatres for just a short time this fall!

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