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5 months ago

What Really Happened To Steve From ‘Blue’s Clues’?

Do you remember Steve Burns? n 1996, Nickelodeon introduced us to “Blue’s Clues,” and kid’s TV would never be the same. The show featured an affable, oblivious host talking to household items like salt shakers with French accents while deducing what his blue dog was trying to say to him through cryptic paw print clues. […]


5 months ago

TV Review: Orange Is the New Black Season 2

The series is a gentle rebuke to the reflexive whiteness and straightness of the rest of TV.


5 months ago

30 Amazing Street Posters

Our streets would be a duller place without these fabulously pointless pavement posters which randomly pop-up on our railings and lamp posts. 1. Maximus Decimius Meridius is lost… 2. Fancy a trip to the cinema without the kids? Here’s a solution. 3. Pretty sure this isn’t a cat 4. May cause malevolence 5. Are these […]


5 months ago

A Man Interviewed His Guinea Pig, And The Results Are HILARIOUS!!

Rory is a very special guinea pig, and his dad decided to interview him one day to hear his thoughts on turtles, how he spends his free time and what it’s like being an only child… and he is just so wise!


5 months ago

25 Warning Signs That You’re In A Dependent Relationship With Your Bed

Take this survey to find out if you are irrationally obsessed with your bed.


5 months ago

The Best Ways To Get A Tip

Top 20 ways to help people tip! Spruce up your jar…. it will pay dividends.  


5 months ago

The 20 Worst Children’s Book Titles Ever

What were they thinking?  


5 months ago

Ricky Gervais And Jimmy Fallon Play ‘Word Sneak,’ Totally Lose It

Warning: You will not be able to keep a straight face.

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