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5 months ago

Father Tells Son: You Can’t Hit People Because You Want Pancakes!

You shouldn’t have to be told, at any age, not to punch people because you want pancakes.


5 months ago

Behold, The 12 Laziest Breakups Of All Time

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people will do almost anything to avoid an awkward face-to-face breakup. Below, 12 of the laziest breakups we’ve ever had the displeasure to see. Read ‘em and weep.   The status change breakup: Facebook: Making breakups too easy since 2004.  The “Batman”-plagiarized text: Alfred would be so ashamed. […]


5 months ago

A Florida Judge Told A Public Defender He’d Beat His Ass And Did

A judge in Brevard County was fed up with the Assistant Public Defender, so they took it outside and provided us with a hilarious video.


5 months ago

Which Grunge Band Are You Quiz

No matter what you get, you’re going to be wearing dirty flannel.


5 months ago

George Jung RELEASED From Prison Early

George Jung — the prolific cocaine smuggler portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie “Blow” — has been released from prison after serving almost 20 years behind bars.


5 months ago

Why Girls Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Shorts

I’d like to preface this one with a disclaimer: I am not a fashion designer. Man, it feels good to get that one off my chest. All I am is a guy who has some strong opinions and a keyboard, and I’d like to take some time out of your day to talk about a…


5 months ago

Sebastian Bach Turned Into Lady Gaga to Sing ‘Bad Romance’

Sebastian Bach still has a hell of a voice, and even if you’re not a fan of Lady Gaga’s music, you’ll probably enjoy Bach’s performance.


5 months ago

New June Releases on Netflix Streaming

Stock up on popcorn: OITNB, Luther are back for your binging pleasure.

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