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4 months ago

Florida Gov. Scott Signs Late Term Abortion Bill

Under a new law, abortions will be illegal in Florida at any point in a woman’s pregnancy if her doctor determines that the fetus could survive outside the womb.


4 months ago

21 Completely Ridiculous Solutions To Everyday Problems

Just as there is a subtle divide between ‘brilliant’ and ‘absolutely insane,’ there is a similarly grey area between ‘genius problem solution’ and ‘most outrageously over-the-top and unnecessary solution ever.’ A VERY grey area.


5 months ago

Just a Seven-Foot-Tall Lord of the Rings Orc Going Grocery Shopping

Sometimes a giant pit-bred hybrid of human and Orc works up an appetite trying to find the halflings for Saruman, so here’s Lurtz the Uruk-hai making a casual grocery run. Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!


5 months ago

Watch This Prankster Lose His Mind When The Tables Are Turned

This prankster thought he was hilarious — until he was the one getting pranked.


5 months ago

Hello Kitty obsessive spent has spent £50,000 over 15 years collecting 10,000 items

Natasha Golsworth from Exeter, Devon has crammed her one bedroom flat with Hello Kitty accessories including jewellery, furniture, and 4,000 cuddly toys.  


5 months ago

A Kid Taking Creepshots With A Drone Got His Ass Handed To Him

A teen named Austin Haughwout (actual name) messed with the wrong woman with his creepy voyeur drone on a public beach.


5 months ago

Grumpy Cat To Star In Her Own Live-Action Christmas Movie

Look for Grumpy Cat on Lifetime to herald in the worst Christmas ever. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Internet sensation with the wobbly walk, big blue eyes and frowny face will play a chronically overlooked pet-store cat. The twist, according to the cable network, is the 12-year-old girl who can communicate with her.


5 months ago

Man Picks A Fight With Huge Stingray

Some think this is fake… You be the judge.

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