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6 months ago

The Proper Way To Use Snapchat

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6 months ago

The Walking Drunk

WITHOUT SPOILERS. The Walking Dead’s 5th season has just been released. We found secret footage of this awesome series: The Walking Drunk.

The Huffington Post

6 months ago

These Engagement Photos Are (Almost) Too Awkward To Put In A Frame

Getting engaged is an exciting moment for a couple, and some choose to celebrate the milestone with a photo shoot.


6 months ago

20 People That Were Haunted by Their Terrible Facebook Statuses

Social media horror story. 1. Yeah, we all saw your grandparents Google last night. 2. But seriously guys, does my education make my butt look big? 3. No, YOU stop wanking MY chain. 4. He would have gotten away with it too… if it wasn’t for those pesky widgets. 5. Praying for Jesus


6 months ago

10 Things That Still Bother Me About Pokemon Red/Blue

I love Pokemon, but some of this just doesn’t add up.

The Dodo

6 months ago

Manatee Spotted Walking On Land To Feast On Banana Leaves

Manatees have earned the endearing nickname “Sea Cows” for the laid back way they like to graze, nudging their portly frames through water to leisurely feast on submerged vegetation. But every so often, when they see an especially tasty snack up on shoreline, they’ll actually venture on land just to give it a nibble. Edgar […]


7 months ago

Every Episode Of ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ Is Now On YouTube

The Nickelodeon horror series is now available on the video sharing site.


7 months ago

The 22 Coldest Things That Have Ever Happened

And I mean “cold” in the best possible way.

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