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The Huffington Post

6 months ago

15 Things That Will Put A Smile On Your Face If You’re Feeling Down

When everything seems bad, these photos will make you feel good….   1. This bunny in a very stylish pancake hat, or is it a beret?   2. This happy hamster who clearly thinks he’s hiding.   3. This guy who’s here for you whenever you feel like trash.   4. This cat who won […]


6 months ago

Awesome Furniture Design Ideas for Cats

What lucky cats…   Shark Pet Bed   2   Cat Burger Bed   3   Mini Bedroom For Cat   4   5   CATable – A Play Table For Cats While Humans Work   6   7   Catissa Cat Tree Shelf   8   Indiana Jones Cat Bridge   9   10 […]


6 months ago

24 Questions That No One Ever Needs To Answer

Silence is the best option.   2. ?!?!?!????? Via trendzified.net 3. ??????? Via dumbesttweets.com 4. ……. Via diply.com 5. ………? Via michaxl.com 6. ?!??!?!?! Via simplecapacity.com 7. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Via forum.bodybuilding.com 8. ……… 9. kldfglsfdkgjkldsfgm?!?!?! Via thelurk.net


6 months ago

SURPRISE! Farrah Abraham Became a Stripper

This is something we never saw coming: Farrah Abraham became a stripper, ya’ll! The 23-year-old reality star turned porn star turned erotic novel writer is now turning on the pole in what she describes as ‘job shadowing’ to ‘help her future.’ She decided to start her new endeavor after a couple weeks waiting at the […]


6 months ago

29 Gloriously Hilarious Ways To Use The Poop Emoji

Poop emojis: Never not funny.

NBC 10 Philadelphia

6 months ago

Hammerhead Shark at Island Beach State Park

The shark sighting has swimmers scared to go in the water.  


6 months ago

Chipotle Unwrapped: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Chipotle doesn’t actually have a secret menu, but the quesarito is available by request. Diners simply need to ask for the burrito/quesadilla hybrid by name. This delicious offering from Chipotle involves wrapping a quesadilla around a burrito to form the elusive quesarito.


6 months ago

This Michigan Bro Is Really Proud Of His ‘Party For The Record Books’

A 20-year old Michigan man doesn’t care that he’s facing a lot of trouble after his house party got out of control over the weekend.  

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