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Clean Plate Charlie

4 months ago

Crowd-Funding Campaign Started for Gato Café, South Florida’s First Cat Café

South Florida may be getting its very first cat café, a coffee shop where the main focus is on its feline inhabitants and not the caffeinated beverages.


4 months ago

Krusty Krab Set to Open Franchise Above Sea Level

Mr. Krabs must’ve finally discovered the money in franchising.


4 months ago

Kelly Osbourne’s Ass is DIVINE

Wow. Seriously. You knew?  

Elite Daily

4 months ago

10 Translations Of What Your 20-Something Girlfriend Is Really Saying

Women: You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.   1. “Wait… What?” A woman’s senses are second to none. If she can smell that another girl made you laugh hours after it’s happened, she most certainly heard whatever you just said to her. She’s not asking you to repeat yourself; she’s just […]

Elite Daily

4 months ago

18 Times It’s Perfectly OK To Be A Bitch

Being a bitch can be cathartic, especially when the party warrants such a reaction. 1. When the manicurist f*cks up your manicure 2. When your delivery order is late and messed up 3. When your hairdresser cuts off 6+ inches when you asked for a dusting 4. When someone cat calls you on the street […]


4 months ago

Celebrate July 4th Weekend With AMC’s “Dead, White and Blue” The Walking Dead Marathon

Tune-in for AMC’s “Dead, White and Blue” Weekend featuring The Walking Dead Marathon and Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special.

That's Nerdalicious!

4 months ago

Learn How To Make Vodka Cherry Pokéballs


4 months ago

David Bowie & Mick Jagger Without Music Are Hilarious

Their grunting and belching could win them another Grammy.

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