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5 months ago

What Not To Do 11/05/14

People should not do accents if they are not good at them… Even if they claim to be amazing. Gabbi… is someone who should never do accents.

The Huffington Post

6 months ago

Scientists Come Up With New Way To Study Shy Penguins — A Robotic Penguin Spy

WASHINGTON (AP) – The newest tool for biologists is the baby penguin robotic spy. It’s pretty darn cute, and so convincing that penguins essentially talk to it, as if it is a potential mate for their chicks. Empero…


6 months ago

Idiot To Be Released from Olive Garden Pasta Pass Prison

Alan Martin, a church minister and father of two, has sentenced himself to seven weeks in Never Ending Pasta Pass prison at Olive Garden. He invited the Fox affiliate in Burlington, NC to visit him as he slurps down another bowl of limp noodles swimming in room temperature pond water. It is the saddest two […]


6 months ago

Introducing “Petting Zoo Rescue”

On “Bar Rescue,” Jon Taffer has turned around hundreds of taverns. But can he do the same for family petting zoos?

The Huffington Post

6 months ago

Why Pay A Contractor To Put Up A Wall When You Can Just Build One Out Of Legos?

Looking for a little more privacy and a lot more color in your home? Just break out a box of Legos! But you’d better make it a pretty big box. NPIRE, a creative studio based in Hamburg, Germany, spent almost a year building a Lego wall to separate…


6 months ago

Domino’s Worker Delivered Pizza Directly To Bed Of Hungover Man

A guy reportedly in the death grip of a truly heinous hangover wasn’t feeling like answering the door to get his Domino’s pizza delivery, but it all worked out because of a brave worker, unafraid to see a lazy customer in his skivvies, watching James Bond movies.


6 months ago

29 Times “Bar Rescue” Totally Ruined Bars For You

When “SHUT IT DOWN” isn’t a good thing.

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