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1 week ago

Florida Police Replies To Woman’s Tweet To ‘Bring Me Weed’

If your method of securing drugs is via social media, beware of who may be watching.

Elite Daily

1 week ago

Erogenous Zones: 12 Unexpected Body Parts That Can Give You Pleasure

Sex is a lot more than just penises and vaginas.


1 week ago

Meet the Brave Man Who Has Eaten Chipotle Every Single Day for Months

“My brain found the consistency of the experiment to be 95% delicious”

The Huffington Post

1 week ago

This Chameleon Popping Bubbles Is The Kid Inside All Of Us

This is what pure happiness looks like.  A delightful video uploaded to YouTube features Laura the chameleon popping bubbles. She totally looks like she’s in her happy place.  


1 week ago

Norman Reedus On Where ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Should Riot

If Daryl dies, we riot… but where?


1 week ago

Best Age to Wed? Study Jabs Conventional Wisdom

Sorry, conventional wisdom.


1 week ago

26 Of Your Childhood Disney Products That Are Now Worth Bank

At least on eBay and Etsy, they are. And since when does a VHS tape cost $500?!

The Huffington Post

1 week ago

Incredibly Sexy Photos Of Veterans Shatter All Kinds Of Stereotypes

LA-based fitness photographer Michael Stokes is putting a different spin on how wounded veterans are depicted. He’s raising money on Kickstarter for a book called “Always Loyal” that features stunning

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