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1 week ago

Two Stoners Called 911 After Getting Lost … In A Bush

Two incredibly stoned men in Barrie, Ontario recently found themselves in a situation so intense and out of control that they had to call 911. According to The Star, the two men called 911 once they determined that they were lost deep inside of a bush. Not THE bush, but A bush.

The Daily Dot

1 week ago

Girl Says She Is Dating Her Jansport Backpack

Spring is in the air, which means plenty of opportunities for lazy dates on restaurant patios and long, romantic walks in the park. But what if you’re single? You could sign up for Tinder or OKCupid, but Genevieve Blau has found an alternative solution: dating her Jansport.


2 weeks ago

Kitten Litterally Flips Out During News Segment

“I think we over-excited him.”


2 weeks ago

27 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Nature

There’s a wonderful world out there.

Mail Online

2 weeks ago

A New Service Will Break Up With Someone For You

Sorry It’s Over charges $5.50 for a custom-written text and $66 for a real-life visit.


2 weeks ago

Courtney Stodden Sex Tape — Dirtiest Ice Cream Sundae … Hold the Sprinkles, Please (PHOTOS)

Courtney Stodden LOVES ice cream — well, parts of her really love ice cream … as the world is about to find out when her sex tape hits the open market…


2 weeks ago

This One Picture Can Determine If You Need Glasses

According to Daily Mail, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created an optical illusion that’s also a test to determine vision impairment. Basically, if you see Marilyn Monroe in the picture below from a reasonable distance (about a foot away), you need glasses.


2 weeks ago

Courtney Stodden’s Million-Dollar Masturbation Video Is Now for Charity

Former child bride Courtney Stodden has decided to donate the $1 million dollar fee Vivid reportedly paid her for a “unique” solo sex tape to charity, she told TMZ. She’s hoping the money will help animals or kids with cancer.

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