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Happy Place

1 week ago

A Very Creepy Cat Birthday

“I presume you’re wondering why I summoned you here…”


1 week ago

Watch Stephen Colbert transform from Bilbo into Legolas into Gandalf

When Stephen Colbert morphs into the right-wing blowhard Stephen Colbert we see every night on The Colbert Report, that’s an act. It’s satire of …


1 week ago

Weird And Wonderful 90’s Toys You Asked Santa For

Oh the 90’s…

Elite Daily

1 week ago

20 Texts Guys Send To Their GFs They’d Never Want Their Bros To See

There are certain things nobody should know.


2 weeks ago

Balls On Escalator

So fun.


2 weeks ago

27 Cats Better at Photobombing Than You

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Happy Place

2 weeks ago

This Cat Is Still Adjusting To Life As Rottweiler’s New Toy

Relationships are all about compromise. There has to be a fair amount of give and take for any partnership to work. In this case, it’s about the Rottweiler giving the cat a tongue bath.


2 weeks ago

7 Huge Rock Bands Inspired By Middle-Earth

We discover how Middle-earth has influenced the work of some of the biggest names (and we really mean that) in rock. Here’s what we’re JRR Tolkien about… 7. MEGADETH “This day we fight!” – it’s the rallying cry delivered by Aragorn just before the final battle at the gates of Mordor in the last Lord […]

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