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2 months ago

Crossfit Fails

Heavy objects plus questionable workout decisions.


2 months ago

The 101 Most Insane Things That Have Ever Happened In Florida

All of these are REAL news stories about ACTUAL events that happened in the great state of Florida.   1. Accused Florida man says his cat downloaded child porn, not him. 2. Florida man calls 911 80 times to demand Kool-Aid, hamburgers, and weed 3. Man says cocaine in his buttocks isn’t his 4. Man stabbed in confusion over […]


2 months ago

#TBT – DC discovers “Rack City”…. Bitch.

DC likes to dance to nonsense rap music… And discovering ‘Rack City’ changed his life. Here is the video to prove it.


2 months ago

College Student Makes How Much A Year Stripping Part-Time?!

Maggie, a stripper-student from the University of Maryland, makes a decent chunk of change taking off her clothes every other week. You’ll never guess how much she makes PART-TIME stripping… How about $180,000 a year….


2 months ago

Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter, Volume 2

Another edition of Al Sharpton vs The Teleprompter.


2 months ago

Take A Look! LeVar Burton’s Campaign To Bring Back Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton wants to bring his old TV show “Reading Rainbow” back to life and he needs your help. He is trying to raise $1 million on Kickstarter to revive the beloved kids’ show for the Web. Yes, there is already a Reading Rainbow app, but the former “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star wants […]


2 months ago

A Cat That Is Surprisingly Good At Jenga

Totally sucks at Pictionary, though.


2 months ago

7-Eleven Goes Hipster With Mason Jar Slurpees & Mustache Straws

Take that New York Times! The hipster facial hair movement is alive and well, thanks to a little ol’ convenience store chain known as 7-Eleven. Heard of it? All summer long, 7-Eleven is offering Slurpee cups in the shape of mason jars that feature…

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