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Above Average

4 hours ago

Watch Snoop Dogg’s Hilarious Nature Show, ‘Plizzanet Earth’

Jimmy Kimmel agrees, “the greatest nature program ever” is hosted by none other than Snoop Dogg.


1 day ago

Step Away From The Glow Stick: Cybergoths Rave To ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ Theme Song

The world is about to make a whole lot more sense:

Happy Place

1 day ago

And so it’s come to this: You can now buy Peeps-flavored milk.

I’m embarrassed for the cows whose milk went into this.Finally, a drinkable Easter treat. No more difficult chewing! (via Prairie Farms)Before we really get into this, I would like to state that I lik

Elite Daily

1 day ago

There’s A Scientific Reason Why Men Are So Attracted To Big Butts

Booty lovers, you’re actually checking out women’s spines.


1 day ago

Buy Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home for $100,000 Off Previous Price

The price has come down on the Nirvana singer’s childhood home.


1 day ago

Nickelback Get Their Groove On With ‘She Keeps Me Up’ Video

It’s a groovier, funkier Nickelback rocking a secret club show in their ‘She Keeps Me Up’ video.

The Huffington Post

1 day ago

Cops Find Weed In Sour Cream Container Marked ‘Not Weed’

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A man in Lincoln, Nebraska, has been cited for possessing pot inside a container that had been slapped with a label reading: “Not Weed.” The Lincoln Journal Star reports ( http://bit.ly/1DvAdjI ) that Lancaster Coun…

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