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3 hours ago

Embarrassing Google Searches: New Map Details Every State’s Shame

Okay, who’s responsible for ‘socks and sandals’ being on this list?  


4 hours ago

Ashley Madison Was Developing An App Called ‘What’s Your Wife Worth?’ In Case You Were Unsure Before You Married Her

Leaked files from Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media, indicate that the company was prepared to launch an app called “What’s Your Wife Worth?” which would allow men to rate each other’s wives, according to the Daily Dot.


4 hours ago

Oxford Adds Awesomesauce, Butt Dial, Manspreading, Mic Drop, and More to Online Dictionary

Check out a list of the new buzz words entered into the OxfordDictionaries.com


2 days ago

29 Of The Most Mom Texts That Have Ever Happened

Hi. Love, mom.


2 days ago

Amazon To Start One-Hour Alcohol Delivery In The U.S

But only in Seattle, for now.


2 days ago

Mom Freaks Out When She Finds ‘Drugs’ in Her Daughter’s Car

Now to be fair to this mom if you got into your teenage child’s car and saw a container full of small white pills you’d probably assume the worst as well. The exchange quickly…


2 days ago

Silence of the Lambs House Up For Sale

If you’ve ever wanted to live in the fictional home of a serial killer, now’s your chance. Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs is officially out of a home – the real owners, Scott and Barbara Lloyd are selling it for $300,000.


2 days ago

20 Hilarious Spelling Errors

We all make our fair share of spelling mistakes. Whether it be because we’re in a hurry, tired, or just flat out don’t know the word, it happens to the best of us. But then there are those typos that are on another level – where they’re so outrageously bad, you question at first, whether […]

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