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9 hours ago

Enjoy This Supercut Of Tom Haverford’s Ridiculous Business Ideas

Missing ‘Parks and Recreation’? This supercut is the perfect mid-summer antidote.


10 hours ago

‘Muffin Top’ Billboard Gets A Graffiti Makeover

A billboard advertising a plastic surgeon’s services got its own facelift after it was vandalized by someone hitting back at its message….


11 hours ago

Guess The Terrible Side Boob

Click Read More to find out… I think you’ll be shocked.


11 hours ago

Goliath Grouper Attacks Diver For Speared Fish

A Florida diver was trying to remove a just speared amberjack from his spear when a goliath grouper decided to come up and help himself to a free meal. 


11 hours ago

Cute Cross-Eyed Animals

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Laughing Squid

2 days ago

Three-Banded Armadillo Rolls Around on the Floor with His Favorite Pink Toy

A southern three-banded armadillo named Rollie rolls around on the floor with his favorite pink toy in this adorable video.


2 days ago

Stephen Colbert Shreds Kim Kardashian’s Video Game

Stephen Colbert did a segment on Kim Kardashian’s stupid video game, and introduced one of his own. Definitely worth a watch.

Total Sorority Move

2 days ago

17 Easy Steps To Get You From Day Drunk To Your Night Out

Step 1: Dress appropriately. Throw on something you won’t mind having to toss in the laundry or just toss all together if/when it ends up soaked in sangria. Step 2: Eat something. Today is not the day to be all like, “Oh, I’ll just have an iced black coffee and half a grape for breakfast.” […]

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