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10 months ago

These 21 Pictures Are Not What You Think. They Will Blow Your Mind

Just keep in mind these are not photographs. THESE ARE NOT PHOTOGRAPHS. All are handmade and amazing.


10 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Pilot swallows 60 plus baggie’s of Cocaine, calls 911 on himself

In an odd 911 call, a pilot says he swallowed 62 cocaine “packets” and begins to feel the effects while on the phone.


10 months ago

LIMP BIZKIT’s Next Single Released On Cassette Only, Ensuring Maximum Listenership

Limp Bizkit will “Endless[ly] Slaughter” you on a boom box… you dig?


10 months ago

Gabbi Fails At US History Trivia

DC gave Gabbi a GENERAL US history quiz on air and she failed terribly. Hear the audio here. P.S. She studied for this quiz all day beforehand…


10 months ago

#TBT – DC discovers “Rack City”…. Bitch.

DC likes to dance to nonsense rap music… And discovering ‘Rack City’ changed his life. Here is the video to prove it.


10 months ago

An Anonymous Rich Person Is Hiding Money All Around San Francisco

If you live in San Francisco, be on the lookout for some mysterious white envelopes — they may contain $100 bills. An anonymous person is dropping off sums of money around the city and then tweeting hints about the locations in a project called &…


10 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Tranny Porn Watching Man Arrested in Floriduh

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