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6 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Pilot swallows 60 plus baggie’s of Cocaine, calls 911 on himself

In an odd 911 call, a pilot says he swallowed 62 cocaine “packets” and begins to feel the effects while on the phone.


6 months ago

LIMP BIZKIT’s Next Single Released On Cassette Only, Ensuring Maximum Listenership

Limp Bizkit will “Endless[ly] Slaughter” you on a boom box… you dig?


6 months ago

Gabbi Fails At US History Trivia

DC gave Gabbi a GENERAL US history quiz on air and she failed terribly. Hear the audio here. P.S. She studied for this quiz all day beforehand…


6 months ago

#TBT – DC discovers “Rack City”…. Bitch.

DC likes to dance to nonsense rap music… And discovering ‘Rack City’ changed his life. Here is the video to prove it.


6 months ago

An Anonymous Rich Person Is Hiding Money All Around San Francisco

If you live in San Francisco, be on the lookout for some mysterious white envelopes — they may contain $100 bills. An anonymous person is dropping off sums of money around the city and then tweeting hints about the locations in a project called &…


6 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Tranny Porn Watching Man Arrested in Floriduh


6 months ago

20 Worst Inventions Ever Invented: Things We’ll Never Need

Inventions are intended to make our lives easier. But these ones are just dumb.

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