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5 months ago

#TBT – DC discovers “Rack City”…. Bitch.

DC likes to dance to nonsense rap music… And discovering ‘Rack City’ changed his life. Here is the video to prove it.


5 months ago

An Anonymous Rich Person Is Hiding Money All Around San Francisco

If you live in San Francisco, be on the lookout for some mysterious white envelopes — they may contain $100 bills. An anonymous person is dropping off sums of money around the city and then tweeting hints about the locations in a project called &…


5 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Tranny Porn Watching Man Arrested in Floriduh


5 months ago

20 Worst Inventions Ever Invented: Things We’ll Never Need

Inventions are intended to make our lives easier. But these ones are just dumb.


5 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Charges filed in Clinton Prairie locker room bullying

Two former Clinton Prairie students face charges of committing locker room abuse.


5 months ago

22 Ways To Tell If You Are Getting Too Drunk



6 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Connecticut woman makes bomb threats to hide dropout status from family

By Richard Weizel MILFORD, Connecticut (Reuters) – A woman who dropped out of Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University was arrested Sunday night after admitting to calling in two bomb threats in an effort to keep her family from learning she had dropped out of school, police said. Danielle Shea, 22, of Quincy, Massachusetts, made the threats after […]


6 months ago

25 Things You Shouldn’t Do Naked… But People Did Anyway

25. Destroy a McDonald’s Sandra Suarez, 41, was arrested in St Petersburg, Florida after rampaging through a McDonald’s wearing nothing but a thong after a restaurant worker turned down her offer of sexual favors (aka she wanted to give him a beej) in the parking lot. This led to her tipping over trolleys, emptying refrigerators […]

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