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4 months ago

Meet Matthias ‘Hellboy’ Schlitte, star arm wrestler with ‘Popeye’ arm

When Matthias Schlitte was 16 years old, the German attended a local arm wrestling tournament at the suggestion of his mom.


5 months ago

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Accidentally Burns Penis

Lamb of God’s vocalist Randy Blythe posted the following story on hisInstagram account about how he accidentally burned his penis by spilling coffee:


5 months ago

Victoria Wilcher, 3-Year-Old Mauled By Pit Bulls, Allegedly Told To Leave Restaurant (UPDATE)

A 3-year-old girl recovering from a severe pit bull attack was allegedly asked to leave a Jackson, Mississippi KFC because her face was scaring customers. Victoria Wilcher’s family was outraged by the alleged incident and took to Facebook to shar…


5 months ago

Woman stuffed Publix lobster tails down her pants

Police say they quickly cracked alleged shellfish shoplifter Nichole Reed’s plan for pilfered lobster tails.


5 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Man Faces New New Accusations Of Having Sex With Pool Float

HAMILTON, Ohio -A man with a previous record of public indecency was arrested Wednesday morning, accused of performing sexual acts on a pool float for a third time.


5 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Thieves Steal From Car After Fatal Accident

Police say a deadly car crash quickly turned into a robbery in Houston.


5 months ago

Teen sentenced for contempt after wearing saggy pants to Pennsylvania court

The judge gives the 18-year-old a fine for his allegedly inappropriate courtroom attire, opting not to impose prison. But the defense attorney says she still plans to appeal.


5 months ago

#ThatsTooBad – Florida governor Rick Scott RETURNED the rescue dog he adopted for his 2010 election campaign

Gov. Rick Scott of Florida adopted a rescue dog, Reagan, during his 2010 campaign for office, but returned him shortly after his inauguration a year later, it was revealed Monday.

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