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11 months ago

Sideboob Selfies : Yeah that’s the new way of Taking Selfies

Let take a moment to thank all of those who bring us sideboob!

Metal Injection

11 months ago

TOOL’s Danny Carey To Fill in on Drums for PRIMUS in September

Talk about an all-star replacement.


12 months ago

Aberdeen doctors find sex toy in woman … that had been there for 10 YEARS

Aberdeen doctors find sex toy in woman … that had been there for 10 YEARS


12 months ago

Diamond Dallas Page Best Moments

I’m going to give you something …to snap in to.


12 months ago

Officer Who Ate Pot Brownies Makes Ridiculous 911 Call

Well that wasent smart…

Elite Daily

12 months ago

College Girl Accidentally Sends Nude Photo To Her Father, His Reaction Is Priceless

This girl really could’ve used a time machine or an “unsend” button. A peek at the original text. Her father was not happy.


12 months ago

Pregnant Model Wishes She Had Abortion: ‘I’m Drinking And Smoking’ Because It’s A Boy

A pregnant model in England says she has been smoking a pack of cigarettes per day and drinking ever since she learned her unborn baby is a boy. Josie Cunningham, 23, said she drank wine to overcome her disappointment about having a son.


1 year ago

Cameron Diaz Talks First Naked Scene in Sex Tape:

Cameron Diaz talked to Esquire about her first nude scene in the new movie Sex Tape, saying “You see everything” — read her take on it

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