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3 days ago

What Not To Do 10/20/14

Gabbi got in trouble at work and had to be punished…    

The Smoking Gun

2 weeks ago

Fan With Tom Brady Helmet Tattooed On His Head Is Jailed On Felony Narcotics Charge

Sadly, we’re not referring to Bill Belichick.


3 weeks ago

What Not To Do 10/1/14

Gabbi has a boo boo. Also, there’s a surprise blooper at the end. So embarrassing…  

Consequence of Sound

3 weeks ago

Fantastic – Eddie Vedder releases cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Proceeds will benefit Heartbeat.fm, an organization that uses music to foster peace between Israel and Palestine.


3 weeks ago

What Not To Do 9/30/14

Today, Gabbi and DC discuss suit jackets.


3 weeks ago

#ThatsToBad #ComeONFloriduh – Puppy rapist gets 5 years in prison

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A man convicted of fondling and raping his 8-month-old dog will spend five years in a state prison, according to the Florida State Attorney’s Office. James Guy Bull, 62, of Daytona Beach,


4 weeks ago

Prank Gets Apple Users To Microwave Their iPhones

People of the internet, please take note: Microwaving your brand new iPhone 6 will not charge the device’s battery in one minute and thirty seconds. Or ever. As evidenced by photos shared from Twitter accounts of those who’ve actually tried this “feature,” iPhones and microwaves do not mix. Simply put, if you nuke your iPhone […]


4 weeks ago

What Not To Do 9/24/14

DC and Gabbi demonstrate some Florida fashion that should never be done. If you have some What Not To Do advice, please email Gabbi at Gabbi@96krock.com  

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