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22 hours ago

What Not To Do 8/29/14

DC and Gabbi discuss office etiquette.


2 days ago

What Not To Do 8/28/14

Parking lot etiquette.


3 days ago

What Not To Do 8/27/14

DC describes what it means to “judge a book by its cover.”   If you’d like to share something you think people should not do, please email us at Gabbi@96krock.com  


4 days ago

AWESOME VIDEO: Dad Runs Over Video Game Addicted Son’s Games with Riding Lawnmower; Epic Meltdown Ensues

Do you know anyone who has a grown-up kid addicted to video games? Here’s one way to deal with it, but we don’t recommend trying it at home (might hurt lawnmower).A dad is fed up with his graduated son’s addiction to video games and his refusal to look for a job, so he takes harsh…


4 days ago

What Not To Do – Underwear

Gabbi demonstrates what not to wear when wearing tight shorts.  If you think of something people should not do, please email it to us at Gabbi@96krock.com


5 days ago

DC & Gabbi’s What Not To Do – Day 1

DC and Gabbi bringing you daily advice on what not to do in your life… Demonstrated by us. If you’d like to share something you think people should not do, please email us at Gabbi@96krock.com Today, do not wear clam diggers, capris, high waters, or dress like a European man… Ever.

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2 weeks ago

#ThatsTooBad – Morgue Attendant Admits To Sex With 100 Dead Women

An Ohio morgue attendant admitted to having sex with at least 100 corpses while on the job, federal officials said in court Friday. Kenneth Douglas, a 60-year-old Hamilton, Ohio resident, said he had sex with the corpses between 1976 and 1992 whil…


2 weeks ago

Sideboob Selfies : Yeah that’s the new way of Taking Selfies

Let take a moment to thank all of those who bring us sideboob!

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