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I was lying in bed yesterday morning trying to argue myself into getting up, and this was sometime after 11 a.m.  (I had been up earlier to walk the dog but went back to bed due to overwhelming fatigue.) Suddenly the phone rang.  It was a friend who had been listening to the radio and heard my book mentioned in a “discussion” (if you could call it that) of bestiality.  Radio talk show hosts Zito and Garrett, on K-Rock 96.1 out of Estero, Fla. were talking about “disgusting things” and decided one such was the topic of human-animal sex (never mind that all humans are animals, it’s just a mental trick we use to hold ourselves above the rest of the animal kingdom.)Being your average shlock jocks, Z&G were talking about various nefarious incidents where people had been arrested for animal abuse in addition to the zoo sex, which is now illegal under Florida law.

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