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As SkyCam 9 flew over the south suburbs surveying the extensive flooding that inundated Burbank and Oak Lawn yesterday, the WGN Morning News anchors were caught off-guard when the helicopter mounted camera focused on a large ‘Incredible Hulk’ statue in the backyard of a suburban residence.

Anchor Robin Baumgarten, who grew up in Burbank, and her WGN colleagues had a good laugh when a barefoot man came out of the house and posed for the video next to the Hulk statue.

Robin: “Is that the Hulk there in the backyard? I’m sorry I’m just getting distracted by this video.”

Reporter: “It’s Bill Bixby.”

Robin “Oh look, now someone’s (laughs)…here’s a guy coming .”

(Man comes out of house and strikes a Hulk-like muscle pose)

(Entire WGN crew breaks into laughter)

Robin: “That’s right, that’s right baby!”

Reporter: “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Robin: “This is the South[side], ‘just got a statue of the Hulk in my backyard’, that’s how we roll!”

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